Car loan with immediate payment

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Find out about car loan rates with the lowest annual percentage rates on Car Lender Car Loan Comparison. Use the car loan comparison to calculate the terms of a car loan. In order to receive corresponding offers from the various banks, first make a condition request. Fill out the online form for free and without obligation.

01. Details of the car loan

01. Details of the car loan

In the first step, first enter the purchase price of your dream car. If you want to make a deposit , you can also enter the appropriate amount. In addition, specify the term in which you want to repay the loan. The best possible annual percentage rate and the best possible monthly rate are displayed immediately. You want to register a second borrower ? Then you can also specify this here.

02. Personal details

02. Personal details

Please enter your name and date of birth as well as your contact details. To continue, please confirm the offer, data processing, privacy policy and the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Optionally, you can sign up here for our newsletter. In addition, you will be asked to provide details of your birth name, place of birth and country of birth of your nationality to your marital status. Please also provide your address.

03. Household and income

Later, you will be asked to provide information about your household as well as your employment. How many people live in your household? Do you live for rent or do you have residential property? What are your monthly rental costs or do you have rental income through real estate ownership? This comparison of your earnings and expenses serves as the basis for determining your personal loan offers.

04th Insurance (Optional)

04th Insurance (Optional)

In the last step, you have the option of taking out a residual debt insurance (also residual credit insurance). If you are suddenly unemployed or incapacitated or even dying, you are covered by such insurance. Finally, you will be asked for your account details of the account to which the money should be transferred. In addition, this information can be used to check whether you actually have an account in Germany.

The terms on which you ultimately receive the loan depend on the bank and your personal requirements. Therefore, it is necessary that you make all this information.

You will then receive your personal credit offers from various banks by email and by post. Compare all offers and choose the one that best suits you and your needs. If you have found the cheap car loan for you, you can request it directly online. This too is possible in a few steps:

  1. Fill out the application documents of your chosen bank.
  2. Submit the documents to the bank. Depending on the bank, you can do this either via online upload or by post.
  3. In the end, all you have to do is legitimize your person. Your personal information and documents will be checked for completeness and correctness. Also depending on your bank you can carry out the legitimation with the so-called postident or videoident. In the case of the Postident procedure, an employee of Post checks the documents in a post office. With the procedure, however, one can carry out the legitimation from home by video telephony.

If approved, you will soon see the payment on your account, so you can pay for the vehicle as quickly as possible and take it home with you.

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