Budget calculator: So much that the real estate costs!

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To be able to calculate the budget for real estate financing correctly, you can use our free budget calculator. Here you can determine what expenses are incurred in the month and what the construction financing can look like.

Keep an eye on the budget when it comes to mortgage lending

Keep an eye on the budget when it comes to mortgage lending


After entering some data, such as monthly income, living expenses, monthly insurance contributions or alimony payments, the budget calculation starts, so that the home purchase or construction ends without nasty surprises.

Calculate the solid mortgage lending


First, it should be determined what amount can be raised for the monthly repayment and the interest. Cost of living, alimony and contributions for insurance are also taken into account, so it is determined what amount for real estate financing can be made unnecessary. With this amount, the budget calculation can be started. The budget calculator now calculates with the calculated monthly installment the maximum amount of the loan, adds the usual ancillary costs such as brokerage fees, notary and land registry fees and land transfer tax added and shows after calculating how high the actual expenses may be for house building or home purchase. In addition, equity and the subsidy of the respective federal state can be taken into account.

Always keep an eye on the additional costs of building a house or buying a house

buying a house

With the calculated sum, all the total costs have to be covered, not only the purchase price or the financing for the house construction counts. Because in addition to the costs for the house and the land, the costs for the notary and the land registry as well as the land transfer tax must be observed. These together with the brokerage fees usually amount to between five and ten percent of the purchase price.

In a new building, the costs for connection to the energy, telecommunications and water networks must be considered. With our budget calculator you can calculate your limit for free, how expensive your planned property and its financing may be. The most important factor in the calculation by the budget calculator is the income and expenditure at a glance as well as the calculated maximum sum for the investment, taking into account the amount of the respective equity. The calculated conditions are an indication of the budget calculation. The individual interest rate for the financing is also of great importance, a non-binding offer from a suitable bank can provide information on the costs incurred for interest and repayment. Only when all expenses could be specified exactly, the calculation can finally be done. The current interest rate low can help to save costs.

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